Conventional lathe machine designed to perform various turning works such as cutting, boring, knurling, drilling, facing, cutting cones and threading: metric, inch, modular and pitch.

Swing over bed, mm: 1370

Swing over carriage, mm: 1100

Distance between centers (DBC), mm: 3000

Maximal job weight in centers, kg: up to 10000*

Spindle bore diameter, mm: Ø128

Spindle RPM, rpm: 5 ÷ 500

Main drive power, kW: 22 or 30

Weight of machine, kg: 12000

Standard equipment

Standard equipment

  • chuck 4-jaw Ø1000 mm;
  • center - 2 pcs.;
  • adapter bushing (Ø140 to Morse 6);
  • tools.


chuck Ø1250 mm, 4-jaw;
rolling steady rest Ø70-250 mm;
steady rest Ø70-380 mm;
steady rest Ø100-500 mm;
open steady rest Ø300-500 mm;
boring bar holder;
DRO для 1 or 2 axis;
chuck Ø400 mm, 4-jaw;
chuck Ø500 mm, 3 or 4-jaw;
chuck Ø630 mm, 3 or 4-jaw;
cone processing device;
thread indicator;
wedge support;
anchor bolts;
add. support (apron, carriage, support) for machine more than 5 meters long.