conventional lathe machines
processing diameter up to 840 mm
Conventional lathe machines are designed to perform various turning works such as cutting, boring, knurling, drilling, facing, cutting cones and threading: metric, inch, modular and pitch.

High cutting force and rigidity of machine allows you to use advanced tools in the processing of various materials in high feed rates.
Design features
  • rigidity, vibration resistance and temperature stability provide precision machining;
  • two-prism bedways in combination with the high reliability of other nodes ensure a long lifetime and precision of the machine;
  • reverse spindle rotation speed is 1.3 times higher than direct, which reduces the time of processing threads;
  • simultaneous implementation of longitudinal feed and cross feed for cutting long cones;
  • all of the power gears of the kinematic chain is made of alloy steel and hardened;
  • cutting zone and chuck shield, electrical and mechanical blocks ensure safe operation of the machine.
1M63N model line
Processing diameter up to 700 mm
16K40 model line
Processing diameter up to 840 mm
Other models