PKF Stankoservis
А brief history
PKF Stankoservis is a Ryazan machine tool company (plant), a well–known Russian manufacturer of metalworking lathes and spare parts.

The company was founded in 2005 as a trading company and at the initial stage of its activity specialized in sales of spare parts for Soviet/Russian-made machine tools. Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience in providing manufacturing enterprises in Russia and have become a reliable partner and supplier for many.

In 2009, PKF Stankoservis organized the production of individual elements of machine tools and machine tools on its own.

Today, PKF Stankoservis with production area more 6000 sq.m has an extensive machine park, including universal and special machines, CNC machining centers, high capacity foundry and own design bureau. Organized production cycle that allows to carry out all the necessary work, from design and casting to machining and thermal processing of large-sized parts.

Our company has secured a leading position in the production of specialized lathes of the turning group and today is ready to fulfill even the most ambitious project.