Pipe-threading machines

Pipe-threading (oil country) machines are designed for processing pipes and parts for them, including threading in the conditions of small-scale production for conventional 1N983 and serial production for CNC machine RTS983F3 .

The machines are used in OCTG-related industries that manufacture and repair pipes and pipe fittings, as well as in the metal-working industries, where pipes of various diameters are used as billets.
Design features
  • rigidity, vibration resistance and temperature stability provide precision machining;
  • two-prism bedways in combination with the high reliability of other nodes ensure a long lifetime and precision of the machine;
  • simultaneous implementation of longitudinal feed and cross feed for cutting long cones;
  • all of the power gears of the kinematic chain is made of alloy steel and hardened;
  • cutting zone and chuck shield, electrical and mechanical blocks ensure safe operation of the machine.
Pipe processing machines
Processing diameter up to 1200 mm
Rolling lathe machine
1M63 with rolling device
Other models