Services and spare parts

More than 1000 items of spare parts and assemblies always in stock
PKF «Stankoservis» – is a Ryazan machine tool company, a well–known Russian manufacturer of lathes, individual machine components and spare parts for metalworking equipment.

The production capacities of the enterprise allow to carry out all the necessary stages – from design to the finished product.

The reliability of the company is confirmed by many years of fruitful cooperation and the presence of long-term contracts with the largest enterprises of Russian industry.
  • lead screws and cross feed screws to any machines: (1М63, 1N65, 1N983, 16К20, 1К62, 6R12, 6Т13 and according to customer drawings);
  • tool holders 1M63, 1N983, 1N65, 1A64, tool holders (Hirt type) 16K20, 1K62 and 1M63, 16K40;
  • friction shafts (16K20, 1K62, 1M63, 6R12, 6T13, 2M55, 2M57, 2M58);
  • overrunning clutches (16K20, 1M63 and 1M63TB, 1N65, 1A64, GS526);
  • leedscrew nuts (1K62, 16K20, 1M63, 1N983, 1N65);
  • spindles to various machines;
  • brackets and consoles of milling machines;
  • bevel gear pairs.
Machine parts assemblies