CNC heavy lathes

CNC lathe machines are designed for turning internal and external surfaces with stepped and curved profile by program.
Machines performs: external turning complex surfaces, boring, drilling, and threading.

High cutting force and rigidity of construction allows to use advanced tools in the processing of various materials in high feed rates. Machines can be equipped with 4, 6 or 12-position turrets and boring bar holder.
Design features
  • rigidity, vibration resistance and temperature stability of the structure allow to obtain the necessary processing accuracy;
  • two-prismatic bedways in combination with the high reliability of other nodes ensure a long life of the machine while maintaining the original accuracy;
  • high drive power, a wide range of adjustment of spindle rotation and feeds will ensure efficient processing of any materials;
  • fencing of the cutting zone and chuck, electrical and mechanical locks guarantee safe operation on the machine.
Processing diameter up to 670 mm
Other models